What can 3D Printing do?

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3D printing allows us to exercise our creative side. It’s a good way to release out ideas and designs, however complex or innovative it is. Because the freedom of design it enables is limitless. In a way 3D printing is liberating for those artistic minds.
With 3D printing you can test the dimensions, proportions and functionality of the product. Having a strong identity to your product can be achieve from choosing a wide variety of colors and the right materials in terms of consistency, weight and reflection.
Curious to learn more about 3D printing? Here is a guide on 3D Printing lingo.

Tips for 3D Design

is also very important for the perfect 3D print. 3D designing allows you to thoroughly check your product. First, be as clean as possible when creating your design. Second, it’s important to consider the thickness of your design in order to remove unnecessary material and save money.

Sklptor.com recommends spending some time to print prototypes before printing a final product with a specific material, to be sure that your product works in real life.

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